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Crowns, also known as ‘caps’, can restore teeth weakened by decay, damage or an extensive filling, as well as concealing discolouration, protecting a root filling and stabilising a bridge or denture. They completely cover the remaining part of a tooth to strengthen it and mask any imperfections. Crowns are made from a variety of materials including:

Porcelain bonded to precious metal – this is the most common type of crown, featuring a precious metal base onto which layers of porcelain are applied.

Full porcelain – these crowns look very natural and are usually used for front teeth.

Precious metal (gold and palladium) – these crowns are tough and durable but generally used at the back of the mouth where they are not so visible.

How is a crown made and fitted?

We numb your tooth and prepare it by removing most of the outer surface, but still leave a strong inner core. Once the tooth has been shaped, we take impressions which are used by the dental technician to create a bespoke, colour-matched crown. You will have a temporary crown at the end of your first appointment to protect the prepared tooth until the permanent crown can be fitted.

If you have had root canal treatment, we may use post crowns. This involves fitting a double ended metal post into the root canal to which a crown is then firmly attached.

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