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Dentures are removable prosthetic (false) teeth used to restore the look and functionality of your mouth. They can also enhance the appearance of your face by supporting your cheeks and lips.

A partial denture is used to replace a few missing teeth, while a full denture can replace them all. A partial denture is anchored to your existing teeth with metal hooks and a full denture fits in the mouth by closely fitting to the underlying gum and bone tissue.

Modern dentures are made from innovative materials so they are more natural looking than they once were and can be designed to fit comfortably. They can also be secured firmly in place with dental implants.

How are dentures fitted?

The manufacture of a well-fitting denture is an involved process requiring several appointments. During an initial consultation, we check your existing teeth and gums, and formulate a treatment plan. We take impressions, photographs and x-rays of your mouth to create a wax model of your dentures, which we then check for fit and comfort. When your dentures have been expertly produced, you will attend a final fitting appointment.

Getting used to your dentures

It can take a while to get used to new dentures – particularly if you have been living with missing teeth for some time. You may find it tricky to eat when dentures are first fitted but just start with softer foods and gradually introduce harder items over time.

If your speech is affected, practice talking aloud so you can learn to speak normally again and if your dentures rub, or you have any sore spots, they may need adjusting.

Denture care

If you take good care of your dentures, they can last for a number of years. Here are some denture care tips:

  • Unless told otherwise, dentures should be removed at night for cleaning and so your gums can have a rest. Ensure they are stored in water or a denture soaking fluid so they don’t dry out and lose their shape.
  • Use a soft toothbrush or denture brush, with a special denture cream, to keep them clean.
  • Make sure you regularly brush any remaining teeth too.
  • Attend regular dental check-ups for optimum oral health and so we can check your dentures are still fitting comfortably.
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