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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy (or endodontics) is necessary when the inner part of the tooth (the pulp) has become infected due to decay or injury. It involves removal of the pulp, so the infection does not spread. If left untreated, it can lead to an abscess and possible tooth extraction.

How is an infected tooth treated?

Root canal therapy is an intricate procedure, requiring time and skill, so you will need to attend two or more appointments. During your first visit, the infected pulp is removed and the root canals cleaned and shaped ready for filling. A temporary filling is put in place until your second appointment when the tooth is checked to make sure there is no more infection. The tooth is then permanently filled and may be fitted with a crown for extra support and durability.

Will it hurt?

Root canal therapy should be no more painful than a normal filling as we use a local anaesthetic to numb the tooth, and also have considerable experience in delivering this treatment.


Root-filled teeth should be treated like normal teeth, so you should brush regularly, not eat too many sugary snacks, and attend dental check-ups.

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