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Why Choose Private Dental Care?

Extra time

We are strong advocates for preventive dentistry and, because we are a private practice, we can spare the time to ensure you receive the very best dental care and make sure we spot any dental problems promptly before they get any worse.

We have the time to discuss your case, formulate the most appropriate treatment plan and make sure treatments have the best possible outcome.

So we can get to know all about you, we spend longer with you during appointments. We ask about your dental history, find out what you want from your smile, and listen to any of your concerns.

A broader choice

We can expand the range of options available to you and this will be reflected in your treatment plan. And we use the very latest techniques and materials for optimum results.

A transparent treatment plan

You will be presented with a fully itemised treatment plan, so you know what your treatment will involve and what it will cost.

Our guarantee

We will guarantee all private implant restorations and posts, inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, and veneers for three to five years, and fillings and similar repairs for two years.

Woodbridge Road Dental gives you more choice and the opportunity to be fully involved in your own treatment planning.

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